Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cub Scouts Get Well Cards & Cookies

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This morning my brother Ryan came by to take Faith and Myrtle to Myrtle's swimming lessons. To my surprise he dropped off cookies and cards that were made by the Cub Scout pack last night, where I volunteer. One of the Cub Scouts is Ryan's boy.

Avoiding bone fractures is a high priority for me. Sitting upright after a while is uncomfortable, as is standing and walking. So unfortunately, Cubs night is one of things I have to take a break from.

At Cub Scouts the leaders are called names from The Jungle Book. My name on Wednesday nights is Baloo.
The cookies.
I had to Google what a Yoshi egg is. 
Not too sure what the bottom is, but I like it.
Great job of replicating the Cub Scout logos.
Thanks Jaden!
An astute observation Gavin.
Outside of the card.
Inside the card. Thank you Logan!
For any of the Cub's parent's that read this, please tell them the Baloo loved that they baked him cookies and made him cards!


  1. Ruban, you are well loved. Thank you for being the type of man where others would love and think highly enough of you to pray, write positive messages, and bake cookies for you. You and everyone's positivity,love and support are making all the difference! You can and are beating this!

  2. awesome...they did a good deed...what great cubs!

  3. I will for sure pass it on to Logan ! They had lots of fun making them !

  4. Those cookies look delicious. Am I right?

  5. I asked Dylan about the Yoshi egg and it is from Mario brothers and yoshi is kind of like a little dinosaur and you can ride on his back in the new mario brothers and if you hold down the "A" button he kicks his legs really fasts and then can jump really far. I like the cards.

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