Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Down the Rabbit Hole

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Yesterday I was supposed to know when my biopsy date was to happen. Today has passed and I still don't know.  There's nothing quite like suspense, but I prefer it in an M. Knight Shyamalan flick.
I've thought a lot of what Neil Young has sung (or as some people suggest he just talks) and maybe "one of these days I'm going to sit down and write a long letter to all the good friends I've known." But for now I'll blog.

When I got my MRI last Tuesday they had run out of the hospital gown bottoms and robes. So it was just the top, an unfortunate site for all. Luckily today at VicGen it was the standard one size fits all muumuu inspired gown with straps. I think an actual muumuu would be easier for all involved, from the patient to the launderer. But it would put the model below out of work.
A polite, stern and informative sign in the change room.
So I put on the gown like I owned it, went to get my CT Scan in the next room and laid down on a gurney while a nurse put the IV catheter in my arm. 
The needle and the damage done.
I don't care much for hospital muumuu gowns, needles, IV's or laying on gurney's. However, I am grateful to get whatever treatment that is needed.
The view.
Plus, I figure I might as well have fun while there and chat it up with the staff and patients. In doing that today I learnt about fainting patients, cameras and the latest in hearing aids (btw, Costco has the best prices).

Leanne, my CT Scan technician/nurse, gave me an informative lesson on the Toshiba CT Scanner, it's a 2010 model that costs $2.6 million.  I really liked Leanne, she looked a lot like a young Mrs. Seinfeld (Jerry's TV mom) and that made everything she said that much more interesting and it was comforting to have a "familiar" face there with me.
One goes in feet first, like most things in life.
I don't know when I will find out the results of today, until then I might watch Signs or Unbreakable to relax.

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  1. Did the doctor talk to you from behind a window in another room, and then you heard her as you were being scanned, just like they do in movies and TV ?