Monday, March 14, 2011

What's It Like?

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It's safe to say that before Myrtle was born I knew babies existed. Now all I see is babies, babies, babies. I stare a pregnant bellies sometimes too. I'm just amazed that babies are everywhere and more are coming.

Talking to a pregnant friend on Sunday I couldn't help but ask questions like "How does it feel when baby moves?" and her husband "Have you felt baby move?" Then like everyone else I gave sneaky unsolicited advice "Everyones going to give advice, it's best to smile and nod."

I'm not  pregnant, but I do I have a free loading tumor on my hip that requires me to use crutches to elevate the pressure and avoid a fracture. Like the tummy of a pregnant women these crutches are a gateway of random well-meaning comments, questions and advice. 
Myrtle trying to get an endorsement deal with Hugo® crutches. "Anywhere you want to go!"
People who maybe don't know what to say have said:
  • Life is strange, eh.
  • Springs around the corner.
  • I read your blog (no eye contact).
People that know me enough to ask, but clearly don't know me well ask: 
  • How bad was the other guy?
  • Basketball injury?
  • Soccer injury?
People who know me well enough to know better that I wouldn't be playing sports ask:
  • What does it feel like?
  • How is Faith really doing?
  • When will you know? (Referring to it being benign or malignant.)
  • Is there anything I can do for you?
Where the tumor is it feel like a pinch or a tired muscle from exercising. My left leg feels like growing pains, an overall dull ache that varies in intensity. Sometimes my outer thigh falls asleep and there's the pins and needles sensation.

Faith is the best person to ask how she is really doing. Blogging about how she's coping might be a little too fresh and personal. It's her story to share, not mine to blog. That said she is doing excellent all things considered. Myrtle has a fantastic mother and Faith has now taken to babying me too. Faith is working around the clock going the extra mile. Regularly I'm told to stop cleaning, doing the laundry and dishes, making sure I don't over use my leg to avoid a fracture. 

I don't know when I'll know everything. Not knowing keeps me up late and wakes me up early. 

Is there anything that you can do? Pray, really pray with faith for my tumor to be benign and for a swift recovery. And please share what you do to relax, recommend a good comedy to watch, send a funny joke.


  1. okok so it wasn't the one we were talking about, but you said comedy:
    I laugh every time.

    We love you. I loved this blog, it was really funny and really you.
    Thinking of you lots!

  2. Movies: Fan Boys, The Rocker, Megamind
    Advice on Relaxing: I would recommend Yoga but that's just cruel. I'm going to be checking back here to find some tips for myself. :) I think writing out your thoughts and feelings is the best way to get things out of your head - even if you don't blog about it. I am sure you are holding back what you are really thinking and feeling. Go ahead, swear and scream into a pillow.
    Funny Story: when I was 25 I was being tested for Thyroid Cancer. It was the month of February and I recall thinking for the shortest month of the year this is the longest month of my life. Thankfully I was okay but I remember talking to one doctor during the testing process and he said "it may be a fat deposit" I said "well let's hope the rest of my fat doesn't join it".

  3. So I haven't seen you or asked any awkward questions yet... so I thought I'd let you know that I am thinking of you & your beautiful family during this stressful time. I can only suggest relaxation techniques and yoga to help with the sleeplessness and anxiety. Making sure you do nothing to cause harm to your hip. Yellow Yogi is a great place to find workshops, classes and instructors that would be beneficial... Hope this helps. If not... what's in the middle of a jellyfish? It's jellybutton! Lol! Sending love & positive vibes!

  4. Ruban, I'm not very good at jokes, so I asked my kids. Groaners are just as good, right??

    1. 11 was a race horse
    22 was 12
    111 a race 1 day
    and 22112
    (read each number as individual numbers - makes more sense)

    2. What do you call a sleepy skeleton?
    Lazy bones.

    3. A man looks at a horse. "I'd like to buy that horse" he said. "He doesn't look too good" said the owner. "he looks fine to me. I'll take him". He returns a couple of hours later. "Why did you sell me a blind horse?" he asks. "I told you he doesn't look too good"...

    4. What colour likes to read books?

    Ok, enough terrible jokes. I hope you find something to take your mind of things. We are thinking of you and Faith and Myrtle. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and struggles.

  5. So this old guy goes into see the doctor. Doctos says " Well I got bad news and worse news" "Give it to me straight !", says the old man. " Well, you have cancer", says the doctor. "What else ?" , asks the old man. " And you have Alzeimers", replies the doctor.
    The old man replies" Well, at least I dont have cancer !"

    There is my joke. I wont write out my prayers, but they are out there in the universe for you :)