Friday, April 29, 2011

Penniless and Nearly Dead

Best Blog Tips
One of the most unoriginal ways to ever introduce a topic is to use a dictionary definition - it's so over used. Last night's episode of The Office Michael Scott did just that to define superlative and Dwight Schrute. Since I'm (unoriginal and) sad to see Michael Scott go, I'll use the dictionary too as a nod to him.

Verb: Engage in gossip.
Noun: Casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true.

Though gossip is associated with harming ones character, in my scientifically unproven guesstimation it isn't usually malicious. People natter about life and who they know and everyone has an opinion. No biggie. Of course hearing back what other people say about your life can be quite weird and confusing. 
My friend called to ask if it was true of what he heard, that we were penniless and Faith was missing meals due to bare cupboards. Regarding Faith missing meals, nope, not true. She eats well and often. Fortunately when she heard that, she laughed it off and said "Nope, skinny from just breast-feeding!" Addressing the penniless allegation they say a picture is worth a thousand words...
Our financial advisor. 
Money is tight, absolutely. Almost everyone at some point has to tighten their purse strings and forgo shopping trips to Dubai. Pretty much everyone I know has had a lean time or is going through one now. We're a frugal family from frugal families and we're making it work. Myrtle is clothed, sheltered and clearly she is fed, loved and very happy.  

My friend calling didn't share the first piece of gossip I've heard in the past two months. Of course I can't address every rumour, but here's the top five:

  1. True: It was me who wrote The Book of Love. You are most welcome. 
  2. False: Ruban's tumor was not brought on by eating kiwi seeds. Though it is the size of a kiwi, it is only a giant malignant tumor cell.
  3. True: Myrtle is really cuter in person.
  4. False: I did not make my fortune sharking people in seedy underground Scrabble tournaments. I won it all fair and square.
  5. Unconfirmed: I'm the love child of  Steven Page (former Barenaked Ladies singer) and Will Smith. Maury Povich, are you reading?


It's true I'm not able to work at the moment and haven't been since I was injured at work last September. Until Will Smith admits I'm his son it's unlikely I'll have millions fall into my lap. Money does help and it does solve some problems.  

My friend calling to ask is what I'd expect a friend to do. What he heard was obvisouly from someone who felt closer to him to ask him and not me; nothing at all mean about that. It wasn't really gossip either, just someone concerned. I added a DONATE button if anyone wants to help out that way (yes it is safe and secure and it goes to our family). 

Really though, the only thing I have ever asked for is to please pray for my family. When I pray expressing that I want to live a long life, one where I contribute and provide for my family I get to add my prayer to yours, asking that I would be healed. It's humbling and encouraging that others are praying for my little family. 

A cousin wrote to me before the cancer diagnosis "I really liked your most recent post about prayer -- it made me think that in addition to praying that the tumor will be benign, I will also be praying to know what I can do for you and your family."  I can't ask for more than that, and I won't need to if that's what my friends and family are doing.

Literally while writing this blog the mail came and Faith brought me my very first "Get Well" card! Other cards have been given (thank you), but it takes faith to give a "Get Well" card to someone with cancer. I wept happy tears when I saw that. Support, love, hope and faith is what anyone ever needs and I'm so very grateful to get it. I absolutley believe I will get well. 

In summary people talk about people, nothing mean was meant and zero offense taken. I wouldn't doubt that someone has said "What?! Ruban said that about me?" It comes with the territory of being human and I'm happy anyone cares, so talk away. 

Shifting gears, my next oncoligist appointment is on May 3rd, and my bone marrow biopsy is on May 4th. I'll also be getting a bone scan, blood test and donating blood for cancer research. 


  1. I'm just happy I made it on your blog. Woot woot. I'll let others decide which point that is...
    PS... I'm totally getting a donate button on my blog but for completely different reasons. I want to finally go on a honeymoon... ;) Love to you all!

  2. Great post Ruban! It's a good reminder of the quote "We judge ourselves by our intentions and we judge others by their actions." -Linda Larson. We don't always know where others are coming from or where they are at, it's important to show love especially when we do not understand where others are coming from. Life is too short to take ourselves too seriously so why not laugh at some of the silly aspects that life brings us.

    Life is meant to be enjoyed. "Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy." - 2 Nephi 2:25.

    BTW, love the picture of Myrtle. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wasn't it you that spread that rumor that the moon landing was a hoax?
    I forgive you.