Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nuts & Bolts

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My meeting with the radiation oncologist was rescheduled to May 3rd, so today was just with the drug therapy oncologist. He explained what plasmacytoma and multiple myeloma (MM) are and that if I have MM I'll be seeing him and if I have just plasmacytoma I'll be seeing the radiation oncologist only. How do I find out what's what? Well,  I get a bone marrow biopsy, the same one I was told I'd get a month ago. When though? Doc said to call him if I don't hear  by Friday morning. 

Today's appointment was less informative then a Wikipedia entry. 

Maybe next blog will be more interesting. Everybody loves a mystery, perhaps a comedy or sci-fi.  Not every blog can be unnecessarily long winded and rampant with grammatical errors; sometimes life is just the nuts and bolts.  


  1. I love how you say: "if I JUST (have) plasmacytoma".... likes it any better... I suppose it would be the lesser of two evils. Thanks for keeping us posted. :)

  2. Sucks not having answers. Thanks for the update though. Hang in there bro. Love from our family

  3. reminds me of a song "Frusterated Inc"

  4. I had a dream about you last night I dreamt you were still making this blog 15 years later and living each day to the fullest like you are right now. I remember thinking in the dream "okay enough already Ruban this thing is obviously not as serious as you previously thought" but I couldn't help but being tuned to read it every week. it was funny. I hope that dream is the truth I really do.