Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Living Like Howard Hughes

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The night before last I woke up very nauseated, I have had the flu before - this was not the flu. However the only way to describe it was I had flu-like symptoms, clammy cold sweats, burning hot and dizzy.  Though I have never done it, I was sure I was dying. *Spoiler Alert* I did not die, was only mostly dead and went back to bed and woke up several hours later. All day I recouped enough to go out and vote, barely.
There's a few things I've learned from that and feel that it would be a waste to not share, no need to thank me in person, song or fable, just pass it on:
  • Staying in your pj's all day is more enjoyable when by choice.
  • There are no fun cancerous big tumors, just better places to have one than on your hip.
  • Crutches don't tickle, but do leave large bruises. 
  • All day on Facebook isn't the same as socializing in real life.
Another thing I'm still learning is optimism really does help. Laughing at myself or my situation has been more helpful then anything, because when I haven't nothing has been more detrimental.  I wish I could say that praying, happy thoughts and smiles are a super easy and a natural thing, perhaps one day it will be, for now it's a choice. A choice I choose over and over again because life is better that way.

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. 
Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.
~Helen Keller

Yesterday physically sucked (can you say "suck" on the internet?) and emotionally, well, I've had better moments. As we all know, no matter how dark the night gets the suns always comes up, yesterday was no different. My parents popped by with some organic veggies and a quick hello; how fortunate I am to have them nearby and know that I'm loved. I was reminded yesterday that I get to live in a country where I can vote and I got to vote. Plus, I'm a husband and the father of Myrtle - recognizing blessings, AKA an attitude of gratitude cures all.

-Warning-  If body fluids isn't your cup of tea, skip the paragraph below. If it is your cup of tea - gross.

This morning started off with a visit to my local medical lab where I picked up a container for my 24 hour urine sample. Yes, a 24 hour collection of pee! To live like Howard Hughes or a long haul trucker in my own home isn't a dream come true per se, but who likes getting off the couch? Faith on the other hand has very strongly expressed I should still act civilized, especially that we have three of my aunts and my grandma visiting today. 
A must have for every trucker.
After the lab we went to the hospital to meet with the radiation oncologist. It was a brief meeting where he went over his opinion of my test results thus far and his suggestion for treatment.
The glove entertained Myrtle and Myrtle entertained us.
He feels that I have plasmacytoma (due to my age) and suspects that if it is that I would not need chemo, just two minutes of radiation once a week for four weeks and that by summers end I'd be off my crutches and healed without any surgery. Sounds appealing.
Tomorrow is my bone marrow biopsy and a head to toe x-ray. By this weeks end I should have another CT scan done. By next week there will be a full diagnosis and prognosis. The soonest radiation would start would be in 2 weeks-ish. There are variables, such as if it is just plasmacytoma or if it's multiple myeloma and what stage its at, etc..

Well, I'm off to nap and dream of a crutches free long healthy life.


  1. Thanks for the update Rubes. I sure enjoy reading your blogs. I know my family does as well. Let us know when you get the full prognosis (I know you will anyway). We think about you constantly and hope for the best. Andrew, Broden and I can't wait to come for a visit soon. Love you cousin. xoxo

  2. Hello and we thank you too for updates. Neil wants to know if Myrtle got to take home her balloon?

  3. Thanks Ruban, always a good read. Keep up the positive! You had me cracking up at the warning...

  4. That 24 hour urine sample container would also be good for hardcore gamers, who can never find the right time to go to the bathroom, and leave the computer.