Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kiwi vs. Man

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Dr. Wai, my radiation oncologist called and here's the update on the plasmacytoma cancer the size of a kiwi:

My blood tests overall came back as normal. That's a good thing.

However it shows that currently I am anaemic (low red blood cells), since I have a vague understanding of it I went on Wikipedia. Some the symptoms I can really relate to are: Most commonly, people with anemia report non-specific symptoms of a feeling of weakness, or fatigue, general malaise and sometimes poor concentration. They may also report dyspnea (shortness of breath) on exertion. 

Another concern was my low white cell count. From the Mayo Clinic web site I learned this A low white blood cell count, or leukopenia, is a decrease in disease-fighting cells (leukocytes) circulating in your blood. So this means my immune system is currently down and I am to avoid the flu like the plague. If you don't want to invite me to your Christmas party just invite when coughing, that I'm not left out and won't come. It'll be a Win/Win.

The kiwi sized mass is still there. The quickest way to learn about it would be via a bone biopsy. Dr. Wai feels this actually would not be in my body's best interest, as it is very invasive. I have also a lot of bone loss and what appears to be a broken hip or a fracture. Her colleague who specializes in the pelvis region will be looking at my CT Scan tomorrow an will be weighing in on the next step along with all of their colleagues this week. Next week, by December 23rd Dr. Wai will call me with a game plan. More than likely, if their isn't a major break where surgery is required, she said I will get another CT Scan in 4-6 months and hang tight till then.

Fortunately there is life to be lived while waiting. Myrtle has the best attitude life, sure she is unaware of the a few details, but she wakes up smiling happy for another day and at the end of the day disappointed it's over. Like her I've mastered the art of delaying bedtime, now I just need to master waking up.

On another note there seems to be a hot debate that is sweeping interwebs, to eat the kiwi or to not eat the kiwi.




  1. I was at cost-co yesterday and was supposed to buy kiwi and then realized when I was at the till that I forgot to get them. I didn't go back and get some. Who knows what that means. I am sorry your tumor is still there but also glad that you are still here and taking advantage of every day. Good thing we cancelled Saturday because I didn't know at the time that Mori was sick and Dylan had a minor version of Paige's sickness and now I have a sore throat. We are praying for you and the kids even remember to pray for you on their own. We will keep it up.

  2. I had a kiwi yesterday. mind you it was already cut up and I had two slices. it tasted tasty though. I think i'll still eat kiwi's but I'll never eat a kiwi without fondly thinking of you. your fuzzy and light brown and sweet on the inside.

  3. Ruban, I really enjoy your blog. I like the humour and the humility. We'll be donating to Colleen's ride to fight the beast of cancer, just as she and Jason supported my ride for 2 years. I'm following your journey with curiosity, hope and prayer. Thanks for sharing

  4. I'm with Andrew. I like to dehydrate my kiwi sometimes.