Friday, December 30, 2011

December 30th, 2011 (a day to remember)

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Last Friday our lil' family was in Port Alberni visiting Faith's side of the family. We had plans to leave on the Friday December 23rd, leaving around 2-3pm. I had a feeling to go earlier in the day, so we did. By the time we arrived in Ladysmith I got a call from my oncologist's office to get myself over to Victoria General Hospital to get a few blood tests done and a head-to-toe x-ray.

Also, I was to pick up a jug to collect my urine for 24 hrs (by the way, what a fun thing to bring with us to a Christmas Eve party at friends... not.)

I told the lady who called that I was up-island and wasn't sure if I would make it, she said said that I needed to rush because they close at 5pm, but not so fast that I don't make it.

While getting the head-to-toe x-ray it dawned on me that they were looking for more tumors. I shouldn't have been too surprised but I was.

We walked out of VicGen by 4:58pm. A miracle! There was no line ups, it was as if I was the only patient there.

The tests were requested because my CT Scan showed that the tumor had not been shrunk. My oncologist and her colleagues deliberated over this and concluded that the mass was one of three things, 1) active cancerous tumor, 2) dead cancer cells or 3) scar tissue.

Since there is too much bone loss, a biopsy would be too invasive, even though we would know for certain.

I'll be meeting with an orthopedics surgeon on January 11th to go over the options of having my hip heal. It may mean nothing to be done, maybe a bolt or two for the fracture or a hip replacement.

Today Dr. Wai called with the tests results and she said that from comparing my the tests I had previously in March to the ones I had last Friday, that she and her colleagues concluded that my blood is overall healthy and shows NO SIGNS OF ACTIVE CANCER. That my friends means my cancer is in remission!

Faith was there with me and we listened together this fantastic news. After the call we hugged, wept and prayed giving thanks. Thank you so very much for those who have given support, kind comments and prayed for us. Those very prayers have been answered.

My sperm, was also tested last week as well and it would appear that Myrtle will be the only star of our family for years to come. We love Myrtle, LOVE her! And if we're lucky enough to be parents, we couldn't have had a better blessing than her. Myrtle is the best.

After Faith and I emptied our tears I then called my parents, my brothers and my mother-in-law. Right now we are in Calgary visiting Andrew and Ashley, so when the calls were done we then went and told them. Lots of hugs and tears of joy.

It's unlikely I'll blog in this blog again. Maybe some updates, maybe not.

In short I have learned much this past year. I know, really know God lives, He hears and answers our sincere prayers. My patience has increased, my love for all and myself has increased and I pray that it would continue to.

Not once in this past year have I worried that a shortened life would lead to less time to flip through the channels, read tabloids, work more hours, or keep up with the Jones'.

Life is too short to hold grudges, to not smile at another and say Hello and listen to the answer.

Nothing is more important then family and some quality friendships.

Thank you for reading.

For those that decided pray for my family and I thank you, with tears of gratitude I write and sincerely thank you. Whether you prayed or not, you now know they can get answered and I am forever grateful they can and that they have.

Again, thank you!


  1. HURRAY!!!!!! I know I don't comment much on here, but I had to comment this time. I'm so happy for you!!! I'm just so excited for you guys!!

  2. AWESOME! YES! So happy for our little family Ruban. You are a blessing to our family, glad you are here! Looking forward to many, many, ,many more years with you! Myrtle and I love YOU!

  3. This is wonderful Ruban! I am so happy for you and Faith to get this good news! I wanted to ask how everything was going and how you were doing when we saw you but there were so many people around it didn't seem like an environment conducive to a real convo about it. Your family deserves many happy years together and I am so happy it looks like you will have them!

  4. We're so happy for you guys! That's the most amazing news after so much uncertainty.

  5. Oh Ruban, that is so wonderful! so so so so incredibly wonderful!

  6. wow, i just found your blog! we are so happy to hear!