Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The 9th Caller!

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Whenever I wake to Myrtle crying and her momma is up with her, I swear she's saying "Daaa Daaaaa waaa waaake up!" That is how today started. Faith said Myrtle was crying because she slipped in the tub, but I knew better - it was time for Dadda to wake up. 

Before leaving I made sure I had everything for our trip and Faith made sure Myrtle had everything to hold the fort down as we left her behind with her Great Grandma Hazel, Aunties Joan, Lois and Ennyd. It was hard to leave Myrtle behind as she brings me so much joy, but today's errand was different and it was best she stayed back. Besides, Myrtle was in very good capable loving hands. 

First order of business was dropping off 24 hours of "business" at the lab. Walking from the fridge to the living room with a container holding 24 hours of my urine with three aunts and my grandma near by was personally awkward. I don't know if any noticed and doubt any would care; still odd though. Today I was the first moment I was glad to be on crutches, as it meant Faith carried my day's supply to the lab for me.

After the lab deposit, we went to Victoria General Hospital to have my skeletal survey (head to toe x-ray) done. The head medical imaging technicians's name was Ruby and our name similarities was the only highlight of my 20 minute x-ray. 
Faith waiting outside the x-ray room.
Our last and most important stop was at the Royal Jubilee Hospital. The help desk directed us to the wrong end of the hospital and the wrong floor. We then learned where to go and quickly made our way to the 5th floor and were whisked away by someone wearing a smock. "Bone marrow biopsy? This way" he said without even asking who we were. Part of me wasn't even sure if he was a hospital worker (how hard is it to get a smock in a hospital?), but soon it was established that he was legit and we were where we needed to be.

The doctor came in and she was very pleasant like our nurse. Upon being asked if I knew why I was getting the bone marrow biopsy I replied with "I won a radio contest, I was the ninth caller." That broke any ice and it was a friendly atmosphere with lots of joking from all four of us. 

Laying on my side in a fetal like position I was prepped for the biopsy. A pinkish solution was applied then freezing needles were poked in. The freezing fluid had a bee-sting type of sensation. Soon my back right upper hip was frozen and the biopsy procedure begun.

Faith had asked if she could take pictures. Soon after it begun I hear "Faith, Faith, Faith" and saw Faith in the corner of my eye as she fell forward on the the hospital bed fainting. I tried not to laugh, but she was safe and well, it was funny.  Faith sat down and the nurse took over her photographer duties.
This photo was taken by Faith
This was taken by the nurse.
If you grab your bottom teeth and aggressively move your jaw back and forth that is a little of what my hip felt like as the biopsy needle worked its way into my hip bone. Then the marrow was sucked out. After it was done they asked me to describe how it felt. One patient, they said, answered by saying "it felt just wrong." It certainly did hurt and is quite tender now. I had no answer for them then, but hours later and napping on their question I would say it was very disagreeable. 
All done.
To the right is my bone marrow and the right is a core sample of my hip bone.
My bone marrow. 
All the red is yours truly's bone marrow.
While laying on the bed recouping, different nurses came in to take some blood samples and before I knew it we were home in 3.5 hours. Walking up the stairs and seeing Myrtle content on my aunts lap was fantastic. Soon after, I was napping and now I'm blogging. So you are about as caught up as one could be.
At least five viles of blood taken here. 
The doctor said that the bone marrow of multiple myeloma tends to be cloudy and mine wasn't, so that could be a sign I have plasmacytoma. They will know the results for sure in about two days and I'll know within ten days. 


  1. hoping for a fast 10 days. great update. Faith fainting made me laugh.

  2. I love your ice breaker. What did you win?

  3. Would have been fun to see a picture of Faith passed out. Maybe next time. I am so amazed that they let you take pictures of all these things. They must be blogg fans too. Thanks for the update and knowing how it feels to wait for results. Maybe they were wrong all along and "it is not a tumor". Best of luck on the results and we will keep you in our prayers.

  4. Quite the day, I would think! I think I would have done the same thing Faith did. Good thing she didn't hurt herself. I really admire your attitude!

  5. I should have put my breakfast down before reading :) I think Faith is the perfect wife for you, you couldn't be in better hands with her!
    Thanks for the update:)

  6. I also started laughing between your ice breaker comment and Faith's fainting. Sorry Faith. Faith has always had a hard time with needles and the like, probably gets that from me, and I'm actually quite surprised at how well she has done with all of the medical procedures. Probably having Myrtle normally there has provided a good distraction! Ruban I wasn't sure about your sense of humor when I first met you, but you have rubbed off on me in a good way, and I absolutely can tell that your way of looking at things has been a blessing to you and those around you! Hope the wait goes by quickly, Love and Prayers to you all everyday <3 <3 <3

  7. I would have fainted for sure. Just looking at the pictures makes me feel a bit dizzy.