Friday, June 3, 2011

Looking Great (Considering)

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This afternoon I've been reflecting upon a conversation I had with Brian Holmes who is the VP of Operations for Foster Health. On an earlier blog post I mentioned about the inexpensive organic produce I get delivered, Foster Health has since bought that company and for those interested their website is here. Anyways, it's been a few weeks since I've seen Brian and so it was nice to hear him comment today that I'm looking "great" (maybe he meant great 'considering'). 

Two months ago I went to Foster Health for my first time to see their nutritionist. Since then I adjusted what I eat and unlike a diet I haven't gone hungry and weak. Rather, without counting calories or going hungry I have lost twenty pounds of fat and feel stronger. This is all without exercising (though that was suggested). 

Of course my goal is not weight loss, rather it is giant cancer tumor cell loss. I've gone from not driving at all to driving a little more often. From needing help putting my pants on to putting them on by myself (like a big boy!). From having Faith literally grabbing my leg to lift it up on to the recliner, couch, bed or into the car, to me doing the lifting and now my leg is doing the lifting on it own!

One of the best things, which I have mentioned before, is there has been a lift of a brain fog. My thoughts are clearer. I am able to read and write more and beat most people at Scrabble. However, my grammar and editing skills still could use some tweaking. But I digress. 

So in two months I have lost twenty pounds, felt stronger and am more mentally alert. The real amazing part is that I'm in the midst of radiation treatment. Radiation isn't for the weak, wimps need not apply. We're talking side effects such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, bladder and rectal irritation, and low, low, low energy. With one more appointment I will be half way done and the only things from that list I have felt is nausea once and low energy. 

Though I do sleep 10-12 hours and nap or rest, I feel great (considering). My mom has noticed not too long ago that I have more colour and has commented that I "sure get around", which I trust she is referring my family outings. Today for our "after radiation family outing" we basked in the sunshine at Beacon Hill Park. 
Enjoying the water park part. Well I was, Myrtle might learn to love it.
This week my family doctor said plasmacytoma is something that "can just lurk there and pop up years later." My oncologist on Wednesday had similar words but was more optimistic by saying it's "50/50 that you can beat this, some people on this very island are walking around cured." Taking control of my health as I beat this cancer to it's death allows me to reassess what I am capable of and what I am grateful for.

So thank you Brian for saying I look great (considering?). Not many do during the middle of their cancer treatment; I feel very blessed. It might be true what "they" say, "You are what you eat" because I eat healthy and feel it (considering). Of course radiation has an accumulative affect and my well being could take a nose dive; however I am confident that I am better off eating this way, praying and being prayed for.

Brian, you don't look too bad either.

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  1. Love your post Ruban! Yes, you are looking (and doing) great! Awesome'family outing'photo!